About Us

Welcome to CRABBYLEGGS.COM ,Our associates are made up of Chefs ,line cooks , restaurant servers and an array of staff in the Food & Hospitality industry and who better to supply your family with top quality seafood delivered directly to your door .
With a vision of one gentleman with a desire to change how people eat and shop for all their home grocery products by way of mobile vans . Since 1995 Crabbyleggs.com has evolved from a one truck operation to a top notch customer service champion in South Carolina Crabbyleggs.com will be the trailblazer for the first if not only “Warehouse on Wheels” direct home delivery business in the entire Southeastern United States. Crabbyleggs.com will continue their commitment to provide quality products to a more diverse market with impeccable customer service with their new concept “Warehouse on Wheels.” vans

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